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Jennifer De Vries

Articles by Jennifer De Vries

Top Tips for Producing Better eLearning Audio  August 11, 2014

Most eLearning professionals will need to create a voiceover script from time to time as part of their job. But writing scripts for audio is different from writing text that a learner reads from a display. Where do you learn this skill? There aren’t many courses that teach this. Here are 10 tips that will help you to write better scripts!

Putting Out Fires, Part 4: Setting eLearning Standards  August 14, 2013

When working on a large project with multiple team members, it is common to have a set of organizational or project standards for eLearning courses. These standards make it easier for the team members to pick up each other’s work, based on availability. Here’s a quick primer on standards.

Putting Out Fires, Part 3: eLearning Project Documentation  July 18, 2013

Up to this point in the series on picking up someone else’s project, Joe and Jennifer have covered the things you should find out before accepting the job, and what to look for in the project files. Now they detail what to document as you do your revisions—and why!

Putting Out Fires, Part 2: What's In the Source Files?  June 20, 2013

In the first part of this series on picking up someone else’s project, Joe and Jennifer provided a checklist to use before accepting the job. Now they alert you to the things you should look for in the project files, especially when the tool that created them was either Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. This article could save you a lot of work!

Putting Out Fires: Picking Up Someone Else's eLearning Project (Part 1)  May 23, 2013

Has a client ever asked you to revise a course that someone else wrote? This can be either a great opportunity or a train wreck. This, the first of four sets of tips for revising (or fixing) a project, is a checklist to use before you begin such an assignment. These questions will identify “hot spots” and client expectations, helping to ensure a successful engagement!