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Crystal Rose

Articles by Crystal Rose

Web Summit 2017: A Future in Responsibility  November 17, 2017

Web Summit welcomed an audience of 81,000 attendees. The conference focused on responsibility in future technology, especially with artificial intelligence.

Six Tips to Make Your Visual Design Support Your Content  October 17, 2016

Good visual design complements the text in eLearning materials (and in print materials, too). Here are a half-dozen ways to harmonize the words and the graphics when designing eLearning!

“We Are Makers”: Innovation, Learning, and the Maker Mindset  March 28, 2016

The maker movement is shaping the next generation of engineers, designers, and innovators—your future employees. The rapid expansion of the maker movement is the result of the experimental, expressive, and sharable experience of the maker mindset. Gain insights into this global movement in this article!