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Spark Behavior Change with Narrative Game-based Learning

A game-based learning approach drives behavior change by encouraging short, daily bursts of training.

Inclusive Instructional Design Conquers Technology Barriers

Culturally inclusive instructional design has to consider barriers created by technology and infrastructure, not just barriers within the eLearning content.

Nuts and Bolts: Learning Engineering? Instructional Design?

For decades instructional designers have worked unassisted. With learning engineering, they may find themselves in new roles as partners.

4 Cool Things L&D Practitioners Can Do with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is known for slide decks, but L&D practitioners can leverage the tool for print and digital layout, illustration, and video content creation.

Continuous Microlearning Ups Compliance Training Engagement

Continuous microlearning offers an adaptive, engaging alternative to annual compliance training.

Microsoft Created Bingeable Compliance Training; So Can You

Microsoft creates bingeable compliance training that has learners clamoring for more. The secret is a great story.

The Robots Are Coming—to Help! How AI Can Boost Job Performance

Rather than fearing that robots are plotting to take over jobs, learn how technologies driven by AI can boost job performance.

9 Low-Cost Graphic Tools for Creating eLearning on a Budget

L&D practitioners share nine of their favorite low-cost graphic tools when creating eLearning on a budget.

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