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Why Storyboarding Is Crucial to the eLearning Design Process

Storyboarding is crucial to the eLearning design process because it provides stakeholders with a visual representation of what a project will look like.

To Engage Learners, Focus Compliance Training on Outcomes

Too much compliance training forces learners to cover material they already know; respect their time and knowledge with outcome-focused compliance training.

Learning Agility: Teams, Tools, and Systems

How do we thrive in an era of AI and robotics? The same way our ancestors hunted mammoths: with teams, tools, and systems.

Nuts and Bolts: Characteristics of Successful eLearning Practitioners

What characteristics do successful eLearning practitioners share? Find out what recent Guild Research learned about this!

Though Debunked, Idea of Teaching to Learning Styles Endures

There’s no need to buy into the learning styles myth to justify multimodal eLearning. Yet the idea of teaching to learning styles endures.

6 Useful Tips for Designing on a Budget

Many designers must deliver eLearning on a shoestring. Here, from a new Guild report, are 6 useful tips for designing on a budget.

Serious Learning Games Can Invigorate Compliance Training

Serious learning games can make compliance training—or any eLearning—engaging and effective.

Metafocus: Serious Games and the Forgetting Curve

Learn how serious games harness the seven principles of the forgetting curve to maximize learning retention.

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