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A Designer Addresses Criticism of Design Thinking

While criticism of design thinking may ring true, there are compelling reasons to apply this approach in your instructional design work.

Scenario-Based eLearning Can Accelerate Upskilling Veterans

Scenario-based eLearning is a perfect fit for upskilling veterans—and other learners—who need soft skills, leadership training, and more.

Why Instructional Design Matters In eLearning

Answering four questions can improve your eLearning. Learn why instructional design matters in eLearning and what questions to ask!

The State of Sexual Harassment Training in the #MeToo Era

Ineffective sexual harassment training is endemic. A recent content analysis looks at why and suggests ways to innovate.

Nuts and Bolts: Crash Course for New eLearning Designers

Jane Bozarth offers a crash course for new eLearning designers, highlighting common problems that could be encountered and providing resources to help.

Use Microlearning Assets to Fuel the Virtual Classroom

Bringing microlearning assets into the virtual classroom can make learning more effective and increase use of the microlearning tools.

Think Like a Game Designer to Create Meaningful Learning

Think like a game designer in order to create meaningful learning that is engaging and compelling.

Mobile Microlessons a Match for Deskless Workers

Deskless workers need and want training; it’s a perfect use case for mobile-based microlessons.

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