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Learning Agility: 5 Strategies for the Future of Work

Are you ready for the future of work? While it might not be a robot apocalypse, automation will replace current jobs, so future-proofing skills is important.

In Real Life: Less Friction = Better Learning

Better learning does not come from a focus on courses or on technology. It comes from finding a way to make learning frictionless. Here are some tips!

‘Geek-Free’ xAPI Captures Rich Data in Any ID Model

Instructional designers who see how xAPI captures rich data—regardless of instructional design model—may decide they’re ready to make the switch.

Data Visualizations in eLearning Facilitate Communication

Interpreting data and explaining what it means can be challenging; using data visualizations in eLearning offers a solution.

Using Pixton to Create a Comic Book eLearning Universe

To more completely engage employees in onboarding training, an instructional designer created a comic book eLearning universe using the tool Pixton.

LX Design Shifts Emphasis from eLearning Content to Learners

LX design combines instructional design with design thinking, UX design, and much more to enable creation of engaging, learner-centered eLearning.

Video Clinic: Fast Training Video Creation Workflow

Having a good plan for your work is essential, especially for repetitive work like video. A video creation workflow speeds everything up!

Learning Agility: Failing to Learn

Have you ever learned something by failing to learn? Are there strategies for deliberately using failure? Here are some insights.

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