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Blended Learning Challenges from Instructional Design

The time for blended learning has arrived, instructionally and economically. How do we avoid blended learning challenges from ID?

Solutions to the Top Blended Learning Challenges

The time for blended learning has arrived, instructionally and economically. Are there blended learning challenges, and how do we avoid them?

10 Approaches to Adapting Content for Digital Learning

New tools and technologies—and innovative approaches to eLearning—enable your organization to fully support digital learning, wherever your learners are!

Move Beyond Basic Gamification to Transform Training

When does gamification make sense, and when must you move beyond gamification’s simple engagement goals? Find the guidelines here!

Marc My Words: Lessons From the Worst Training I’ve Ever Seen

Nobody intends to create a bad training experience, but they sometimes happen despite our best intentions. Here’s an analysis of how things go wrong.

Nuts and Bolts: Designing for Learner Success: No Shame

Making content more fun, or offering feedback, can improve results. Once the learner feels shamed, any chance of learning is pretty much blocked. Here’s how make sure there’s no shame.

Blended Learning at SkillCamp

Bayer’s Crop Science Division instructional designers analyzed employee success factors as they built a blended learning business solution. Here is the result.

Immersive Harassment Prevention Training Is No Silver Bullet

Is immersive harassment prevention training as a cure-all for ineffective diversity training? Explore the potential harms before jumping in.

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