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Gaps in AI Algorithms Could Leave Some Learners Behind

Does Alexa or Siri misunderstand your accent? As digital assistants move into the office, such gaps in AI algorithms can lead to a frustrating UX.

Toolkit: Adobe Captivate 2019 Is Another Leap Ahead (Part 1)

Captivate 2019 has introduced a number of new capabilities that enable interactions to expand the usefulness of learning applications.

Embrace Google Method to Improve eLearning Search Experience

Google has spent years training people to search in specific ways; embrace this approach in your LMS to improve learners’ search experience.

New Tool Coaches Proportionate Response to Sexual Misconduct

An extreme response to sexual misconduct is not always appropriate; a new tool facilitates development of more nuanced harassment-prevention training.

Surprising Ways AI Can Improve eLearning Accessibility

AI technologies can assist with language, mobility, and navigation. AI can improve eLearning accessibility in surprising ways—and already is!

Create Data Visualizations for eLearning with 3 Free Tools

Creating great data visualizations for eLearning does not have to break the bank. Learn about three great free tools.

Using Copyrighted Music and Media in Your Podcast

Using copyrighted music and media in your podcast isn’t impossible, but you do need to get a license first. This simple guide will keep you out of trouble.

Ethics Toolkit Aims to Forestall Harms, Abuses of Technology

Improve learner experience: New ethics toolkit encourages eLearning designers and developers to plan ahead to mitigate potential abuses of technology.

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