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Create Data Visualizations for eLearning with 3 Free Tools

Creating great data visualizations for eLearning does not have to break the bank. Learn about three great free tools.

Using Copyrighted Music and Media in Your Podcast

Using copyrighted music and media in your podcast isn’t impossible, but you do need to get a license first. This simple guide will keep you out of trouble.

Ethics Toolkit Aims to Forestall Harms, Abuses of Technology

Improve learner experience: New ethics toolkit encourages eLearning designers and developers to plan ahead to mitigate potential abuses of technology.

Toolkit: Modest3D Editor—Interactive 3-D Without Coding!

The Modest3D Suite Editor supports content development of interactive 3-D without coding.

Podcast Audio Production Basics

Because people listen to podcasts, paying attention to audio production basics is very important. Listeners can tell the difference!

Script Writing for Narrative Podcasts

A podcast script must be written to translate well to the audio medium, and it must grab and keep listener attention. Script writing skills are the key.

Podcast Production Planning, Skillsets, and Time Needed

Podcast production planning helps keep the podcast project focused, establishes the production timeframe, and identifies the people and skillsets needed.

Improve L&D Decisions with Predictive Analytics in eLearning

Predictive analytics in eLearning might be the next-best thing when a crystal ball is not available: They can help with course planning and more.

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