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Toolkit: iSpring Suite 9 Adds a Lot of Great New Features

As iSpring Suite has added capabilities, it has increased in power to deliver eLearning for a number of important tasks. Read about the new features here!

Tips for Building Accessible Courses in Storyline

Making accessible courses in Storyline is something everyone should do for learners. Articulate Storyline 360 makes your work faster and easier.

5 Ways to Effectively Curate Content for Digital Learners

To effectively curate content for digital learners, it’s essential to understand their mindset and goals. These tips can improve your curation strategy.

Buzzword Decoder: Embedded AR Markers and Markerless AR

Whether it uses embedded AR markers or markerless AR, augmented reality is within reach even for budget-challenged eLearning developers.

Context and Detail Are Keys to Writing Useful Alt Text

Online content increasingly relies on visual media—which are inaccessible to learners with visual impairments. Writing useful alt text is an easy fix.

Nuts and Bolts: Social Bookmarking for Learning: Pin This!

Social bookmarking for learning offers an easy way to collaborate, curate, and share resources, or do project planning.

Captioning YouTube Videos Offers Easy Accessibility Boost

Captioning YouTube videos is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the accessibility of videos for any viewer who cannot use the audio.

In Real Life: Don’t Forget the ‘Person’ in Personalization

It’s easy to lose sight of the individual “person” in personalized learning; columnist JD Dillon encourages developers to focus on what matters.

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