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Send xAPI Statements from an Alexa Skill

You can use xAPI to capture interactions on a web page or video. Here’s how to capture quiz performance from an Alexa skill!

Basic Tags: Intro to HTML Tagging in eLearning Content

HTML tagging in eLearning content helps ensure that the content is accessible and clear to all learners.

How to Create Accessible PDFs

Contrary to common belief, not all PDFs are accessible. Learn how to create accessible PDFs—and why they benefit all learners.

How to Create Accessible Word Documents

It’s easy to create accessible Word documents! Learn how proper use of templates, colors, and tags improves document—and eLearning—accessibility.

Darwin Would Approve: Levels of Learning Adaptation

There are several approaches to learning adaptation that provide custom learning experiences for individuals. Here are five examples.

Metafocus: André Thomas Discusses Learning Game Development

André Thomas, of Triseum and Texas A&M University, and Matt Sparks discuss the development of learning games—and their integration into higher education.

Toolkit: Add Social Networking to Your eLearning

eLearning seems to be missing some classroom-based instruction strengths. Did you know that the leading tools all support social networking?

Consider Scrum Framework for Efficient eLearning Development

The Scrum framework for project development offers a flexible, iterative approach to creating eLearning.

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