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Breaking Down Data at the Data & Analytics Summit

The Data & Analytics Summit will cover hot topics about data and analytics and how they relate to learning and development within organizations.

DevLearn to Celebrate 15 Years This October

DevLearn Conference & Expo returns for the 15th year this October in Las Vegas with a larger program than ever before.

3 Basic Data Visualizations L&D Pros Should Master

Mastering three forms of basic data visualizations can aid developers in communicating complex data to learners and tell visual stories.

Why Developers Should Use Data Visualizations in eLearning

Using data visualizations in eLearning offers a powerful way to explain and present complex, abstract information gleaned from data analytics.

xAPI: Out of the Box

There are four key areas where tools differ in their xAPI support. We provide you with a better understanding of the various solutions.

Video Clinic: How to Write an Awesome Training Video Script

Scriptwriting is a key part of making a training video, but write video scripts for the ear, not the eye. Here’s how it’s done.

Toolkit: Cool Adobe Captivate Audio Tips

There are many ways to use Adobe Captivate audio capabilities that will improve your eLearning application. Here are some of the best!

VR Training Development in Four Steps

It’s not so much whether to use VR for training, as it is when and how. These four steps help answer both questions for VR training development.

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