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GDPR Could Limit Data Use in eLearning—and Drive Innovation

Policies and procedures around data use in eLearning are under increased scrutiny in the GDPR era; here’s how improving data privacy could drive innovation!

Quinnsights: Get Ready for Learning Engineering

Learning engineering merges engineering and systems thinking with learning science and human development theory. It will impact L&D in the near future.

Pivot: Missing the Mark on Quality eLearning

L&D is missing the mark on quality eLearning because employees view it as an unpleasant experience. Management oversight and quality controls can help.

Leaders in the Limelight: Christopher Goodsell

Learning leader Christopher Goodsell of ILX believes falling back on past experiences and projects is easy, but dramatically limits what is possible.

Quinnsights: The Difficulty of Measuring L&D

Measuring L&D is difficult and ROI data can prove misleading. That said, L&D must be measured.

Leaders in the Limelight: Jeff Walter

It is Latitude CG CEO Jeff Walter’s belief that if you get the right people and create the right corporate culture, you can deliver on any opportunity.

Anti-Bias Training a Key Step in Eradicating Inequity

Anti-bias training is a key component in a multifaceted approach to changing discriminatory behaviors. But short-term training, on its own, isn’t enough.

Leaders in the Limelight: Meg Petersen

Meg Petersen of IBM jumped off the corporate management train to get back to what she always loved doing—learning-strategy creation and curriculum design.

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