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GDPR for the US? Data Privacy Laws May Be on the Horizon

Business groups and legislators alike are pushing for a federal data privacy law in the U.S. That could affect eLearning data collection and use.

Adopt a 3-Pronged Strategy for Future-Proofing the Workforce

As the population ages, future-proofing the workforce becomes essential. This is best done through talent management and other training-based efforts.

Quinnsights: Let’s Talk About IA

Everyone’s agog about AI (artificial intelligence), however to truly empower business, let’s talk about IA (intelligence augmentation).

Psychological Safety and Learning Organizations

The knowledge economy and the need for teamwork have increased the need for effective collaboration and psychological safety in learning organizations.

Quinnsights: L&D Pain Points That Keep Executives Up at Night

Clark Quinn, who participated in DevLearn 2018’s Executive Forum, addresses some of the L&D pain points that keep executives up at night.

Metafocus: Prefer In-House Solutions to Third-Party EdTech

Learn why most software startups don’t provide value, and why it’s better to build EdTech solutions in-house

Cargo Cults, Shiny Object Syndrome, and eLearning

Many eLearning executives fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome. They keep placing hope in new technologies, only to be disappointed.

Quinnsights: The Importance of Experimentation in L&D

Industry pundit Clark Quinn believes experimentation in L&D should be part of the corporate culture.

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