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Cargo Cults, Shiny Object Syndrome, and eLearning

Many eLearning executives fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome. They keep placing hope in new technologies, only to be disappointed.

Quinnsights: The Importance of Experimentation in L&D

Industry pundit Clark Quinn believes experimentation in L&D should be part of the corporate culture.

Leaders in the Limelight: Marianne Carlson

Marianne Carlson, VP of sales training at Medline Industries, believes what you did in the past doesn’t matter. It’s all about what you have yet to achieve.

Leaders in the Limelight: Maggie Leon

Being authentic to her true self has helped learning leader Maggie Leon succeed in both her personal and professional lives.

Quinnsights: When to Use a Consultant

A consultant brings deep knowledge, practical experience, and outside perspective. This article helps L&D leaders determine when to use a consultant.

Leaders in the Limelight: Lulu Yang

Learning leader Lulu Yang believes that in order to build a high -performance team, members must work, play, and break bread together.

Learning Agility: The Shopify Story

Supporting hyper growth at Shopify requires leveraging key practices that enable learning agility. Learn what they are!

Pivot: Not all Microlearning is Memorable

Not all microlearning is memorable. Just like long, dull eLearning courses, short training can also miss the mark.

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