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Leaders in the Limelight: Maggie Leon

Being authentic to her true self has helped learning leader Maggie Leon succeed in both her personal and professional lives.

Quinnsights: When to Use a Consultant

A consultant brings deep knowledge, practical experience, and outside perspective. This article helps L&D leaders determine when to use a consultant.

Leaders in the Limelight: Lulu Yang

Learning leader Lulu Yang believes that in order to build a high -performance team, members must work, play, and break bread together.

Learning Agility: The Shopify Story

Supporting hyper growth at Shopify requires leveraging key practices that enable learning agility. Learn what they are!

Pivot: Not all Microlearning is Memorable

Not all microlearning is memorable. Just like long, dull eLearning courses, short training can also miss the mark.

Leaders in the Limelight: Tracy Donnelly

Tracy Donnelly, a dean at Northern Lights College, says a collaborative, hyper-transparent approach drives her success as a learning leader.

Why Diversity Training Fails—and What to Do About It

Ineffective bias training shares some common characteristics; learn why diversity training fails and how to improve it.

Eradicating Bias Demands Company-Wide Strategy and Training

Focused eLearning and performance support are key elements in a strategic, company-wide approach to eradicating bias.

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