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Quinnsights: Musing on the L&D Ecosystem

A robust L&D ecosystem allows us to proactively deliver and customize training to employees, driving performance and development.

Pivot: Improve Your Internal Learning Culture Undercover

To build a strong internal learning culture, go undercover for a day like the CEOs on the reality television series Undercover Boss.

Leaders in the Limelight: Tonya V. Thomas

Taking on a new position while also going to school full time turned out to be an inspiring challenge for single mother Tonya V. Thomas.

Marc My Words: 6 Challenges Facing CLOs & Senior Training Directors

Whether due to budget shortfalls, evolving attitudes, or marketplace changes, the ground around L&D leaders is shifting. Here are six challenges they face.

Quinnsights: Skipping the Hierarchies

For learning leaders, skipping the hierarchies and embracing diversity is key to innovative thinking and leads to business success.

Leaders in the Limelight: Amit Gautam

One of the biggest challenges facing Amit Gautam of UpsideLMS is how to scale up the top line of his business without losing the bottom line.

Pivot: Shifting the Focus to Our Internal Customers

All too often, companies forget about pleasing their internal customers, aka their employees. Savvy L&D leaders must pivot, shifting the focus to them.

Leaders in the Limelight: Laurel Barnes

Laurel Barnes moved out of her comfort zone and now manages the tech supporting more than 26,000 employees at University of Michigan Health System.

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