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6 Key Ways Role-Based Training Benefits Your Organization

Targeted role-based training offers multiple benefits to your organization.

Looking Ahead: Future-Proofing eLearning in 2019 and Beyond

L&D professionals can future-proof eLearning in 2019 by broadening access, making it responsive, and ascertaining who owns the source files.

The Shape of Things to Come in eLearning

Growth in eLearning capabilities in the last couple of years points to the things to come in eLearning. Here are some thoughts on personal development.

Why L&D Teams Need to Embrace Talent Management Systems

Modern talent management systems complement the LMS and can play a key role in employee development and retention.

The Data Gap: What L&D Measures vs. What L&D Should Measure

Knowing who showed up isn’t enough to tell you whether eLearning is effective; find out what L&D should measure when evaluating learning.

The Impact of Growing Up with Video Games

Learn why generational differences mean we need more serious games in our organizations.

Top Topics of 2018: News and Ideas That Piqued Your Interest

Top topics of 2018 include learning styles (debunked), emerging technology, and incorporating storytelling into eLearning.

Write, Track Evaluation Objectives to Study eLearning Impact

Writing evaluation objectives — in addition to learning objectives — can make it easier to measure the effectiveness of eLearning.

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