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Digital Adoption Trends to Watch 2018-2019

Trends from “digital transformation” to “artificial intelligence” are reshaping how we think about training employees. There’s still a lot of confusion.

Content Strategy Isn’t Just for Marketers

Content strategy is the most important element missing from L&D’s big picture. Understand why and how to leverage it for unforgettable learning.

In Real Life: Can You Find Time for Learning?

How can you find time for learning in employees’ busy days? Especially when everybody says they don’t even a few minutes to spare? Here’s how.

AI and Performance Support Add Up to Intuitive Assistance

AI and performance support are a natural combination that can power intuitive and personalized job aids—including tools your learners are already using.

Learning Agility: Report From a Learning Agility Research Panel

What did a panel of experts think is the importance of learning agility research to organizations? Disruption happens! Be ready!

What’s the Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching?

Mentoring and coaching aren’t interchangeable. This article explains the difference between mentoring and coaching, and when management should consider each.

Metafocus: Data Privacy and the Evil Chatbot

A cautionary tale about chatbots, data privacy, and lack of user consent.

In Real Life: Trust Before Data

Events in 2018 involving social media raised a lot of ire about data collection and protection. Can we afford making mistakes with our employees’ trust?

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