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Moodle Workplace: New Functionality and Features for Moodle

Moodle HQ has launched Moodle Workplace for employee education, onboarding, compliance, and other uses in non-academic organizations.

Research Discredits Learning Styles “Matching Hypothesis”

While appealing, the learning styles “matching hypothesis” does not hold up to scrutiny. Matching teaching to content produces better outcomes.

Ultimate Collaboration Tool is Already in Employees’ Hands

Enterprise social collaboration tools are a great way to build community and spark collaboration. Best of all, most employees already know how to use them

Digital Skills Dominate Job Ads for Instructional Designers

The skills that an instructional designer is expected to have are changing; Guild research shows a trend toward a digital skillset.

Apply Proven Retargeting Techniques to Promote eLearning

Retargeting is a marketing approach that could help L&D teams get learners in their organization interested in their eLearning products.

Transform Your LMS into a Veritable Buffet of Learning

If you transform your LMS into an easy-to-access buffet of learning loaded with easy-to-consume courses, employees will eat it up and hunger for more.

3 Reasons That eLearning Fails—and How to Fix Them

Three common errors might be derailing your eLearning. Discover what they are and how to fix them.

In Real Life: How Will AI Impact Workplace Learning?

Asking how will AI impact workplace learning is asking the wrong question. Ask how AI will impact the way work gets done in your organization.

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