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5 Ways to Provide Performance Support for Your L&D Team

L&D managers must have their employees’ backs. They must be willing to push back and provide performance support for their L&D teams. Here are five ideas.

The Role of the LMS in the Modern Performance Ecosystem

Steve Foreman discusses the role of the LMS in the modern performance ecosystem in his new book, The LMS Guidebook.

Let Content, Not “Learning Styles,” Determine eLearning Format

The learners’ needs and prior knowledge, as well as the content—not learning styles—should guide choice of eLearning format.

Pivot: Some Thoughts on L&D Personas

Personas are not limited to marketing. Designers must design with learners’ personas in mind, and leaders shouldn’t embody undesirable management personas.

Building xAPI-Enabled Ecosystems Requires Strategic Choices

Moving to an xAPI-enabled ecosystem makes it possible to capture and use an enormous amount of data on learners’ activities and experiences.

Learning Engineering: The Next Wave for eLearning

The Learning Engineering Summit, co-located at DevLearn 2018, introduces emerging work to make learning results a more scientific undertaking.

Change Learning Mindset from Top-Down to Bottom-Up

Disruption of traditional learning models continues. But how to make the shift from top-down to bottom-up, or employee-generated learning?

VR Ethics Codes Need a Boost

The industry has multiple VR ethics codes. But why is no one is paying attention, and what can we do about it?

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