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Take Onboarding to the Next Level with Video Assessment

New hires typically go through some kind of onboarding program, but adding video assessment can take your onboarding to the next level of effectiveness.

My Last Words: Celebrating Progress, with Concern

After 100 columns, “Marc My Words” comes to a close. Here is a look back, celebrating progress, and a look forward.

Top 10 eLearning Platforms for Business

There are many ways to train employees, but one of the best is to use online eLearning platforms. Here are 10 you should consider if you’re in the market!

Nuts and Bolts: Gather, Understand, and Share Outcome Data

Do you know how your efforts are paying off in better performance? Collecting and using outcome data in eLearning is essential to success. Here is some help with that.

Clark Quinn Debunks Persistent Learning Myths in New Book

Industry pundit Clark Quinn debunks misconceptions, superstitions, and persistent learning myths in his newest book.

In Real Life: What If They Just Want Order Takers?

Do you dream of being a business partner in your organization, not merely an order taker? Here’s how to make the change.

Marc My Words: Why I Hate eLearning

Is it really possible to hate eLearning? Maybe, or maybe it is possible to love it for the wrong reasons. Find out which way you fall.

Professional Development Programs in eLearning

This article provides information about degree and professional development programs for practitioners in eLearning and related fields.

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