Learning Solutions Press Release FAQ

What is Learning Solutions?

Learning Solutions is the online publication of The eLearning Guild. It began publication in March 2002, and as of January 2018 over 1,500 articles have appeared on the publication’s website. Learning Solutions publishes online only, and articles appear on a continuous basis each week, Monday through Friday.

Press releases in Learning Solutions are an excellent way to bring new products, services, and solutions to the attention of qualified professionals making critical buying decisions. We are happy to publish, at no charge, press releases that meet our criteria.

Who reads Learning Solutions?

As of August 2017, Learning Solutions receives 522,000 visitors annually. A substantial number of the over 60,000 Guild members worldwide read Learning Solutions along with most if not all of the attendees at any given eLearning Guild event, and thousands of other learning professionals worldwide who are not Guild members but are subscribers to Learning Solutions.

Readers include senior eLearning, training, and HR executives, directors, managers, and practitioners. All of them are actively seeking to launch or improve their organization’s eLearning and performance support initiatives.

What types of press releases does Learning Solutions publish?

Learning Solutions Magazine publishes press releases that deal with:

  • New eLearning tools or software
  • New products or services
  • Major upgrades to products or services
  • Major mergers, acquisitions, or collaborations
  • Results of high-profile legal actions

Does Learning Solutions publish every submitted press release?

No. Selection is based on editorial judgment about the level of interest our readers will likely have in the information.

What types of press releases are NOT published?

We do not publish the following types of announcements:

  • New clients or customers
  • Staff additions or promotions
  • Awards
  • General company information or general product or service information
  • Sales results, quarterly, or annual results
  • White papers or other marketing documents

If my company is sponsoring or exhibiting at a Guild event, can I submit a press release timed with the dates of the event?

For press releases submitted in connection with The eLearning Guild’s on-site events, we choose releases concerning launch of the following only:

  • New eLearning tools or software
  • New products or services
  • Major upgrades to products or services

What is the cutoff date for submitting a press release?

The cutoff date for submitting press releases (other than for on-site events) is two weeks before the desired publication date. For on-site events, the deadline is the Monday two weeks before the week of the event, regardless of the desired publication date.

Press releases received after the cutoff date for a given week may be published later, depending on the specifics in the individual release.

The editor reserves the right to decline to publish any press release.

Does Learning Solutions honor embargos?

Yes, we honor embargos.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Questions may be sent to news@eLearningGuild.com. This is also the correct address to send your press releases.