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by Marc Rosenberg

Modern-day LMSs were born out of the new transactional capabilities of the Internet in the late 1990s. They are as much eCommerce as eLearning. LMSs can offer many products, process thousands of transactions, handle payments and delivery, and keep track of it all. This is a great value of LMSs. Without a good LMS, there would be chaos in the eLearning world. Why does Marc say he hates them?

Column   |   October 13, 2015
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by Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung, Quincy Conley, Erin Gibson, Grayley McWatters

Which features of rapid eLearning development programs would novice eLearning developers likely use and which ones they would be less likely to use? Here is a case study conducted to answer that question and to learn what components of the rapid eLearning development programs novice eLearning developers do value, and why.

Feature   |   October 12, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

There’s more to creating engaging eLearning than just writing learning objectives and knowing how to use authoring software. People appreciate and respond to a good story, an unexpected surprise, or an eLearning design that gets their attention. Here are five tips that will help you achieve those results.

Tip   |   October 8, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Games and gamification are gaining increasing attention as ways to support and enhance learning, but it can be difficult to find good advice to guide their design. Fortunately, The eLearning Guild has many resources to help you out. Here are five of them.

Tip   |   October 7, 2015
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by Jane Bozarth

“Which tool should I use?” If you hate to hear that “it all depends,” this article may give you a new perspective on that answer: “The best tools are the ones you’ll use, that meet your particular goals and needs—and the ones your audience likes.”

Column   |   October 6, 2015
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by Chanin Ballance

Onboarding for salespeople needs to be fast, and it needs to get them producing right away. The best training is in the field, and needs the accurate support of managers. Technology makes this more possible than ever! Check out these ten tips to get your new hires up to speed.

Feature   |   October 5, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Do you get full value from your Guild membership? The eLearning Guild event archives, the Research Library, and other curated information is loaded with useful professional information you won’t find anywhere else. Come take a look at four examples!

Tip   |   October 1, 2015
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by News Editor

SkyPrep launches V3, complete with new premium features, including speed enhancements, visual reporting, a newly revamped help center, as well as the addition of Learning Paths.

News   |   September 30, 2015
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by News Editor

Linguavista launches its new suite of language and business solutions, which are particularly suited to businesses in the eLearning sector.

News   |   September 30, 2015
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by News Editor

dominKnow Learning Systems partner Larmer Brown helps keep the busiest motorway crossing in the United Kingdom safe and sound. Find out how!

News   |   September 30, 2015
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