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by News Editor

gomo learning, a leader in multi-device eLearning authoring, announces the all-new gomo central app. The native app provides offline access to content and full tracking—even when users are disconnected.

News   |   May 24, 2016
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by Joe Ganci

Classes and courses do not make learners into experts. They are the foundation for further learning, but it’s practice that takes learners to higher levels of skill. But training often leaves out the follow-up practice and feedback, so the foundation erodes quickly. Now provides a chance to practice with someone, a mentor who has an excellent reputation. Read about it here!

Review   |   May 24, 2016
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by Shauna Vaughan

Instructional designers sometimes have a problem: we get hung up in the content and forget about what the content is supposed to do for the learners—prepare them for something on the job. That’s how we get solutions that are only surface- level knowledge transfer, also known as knowledge dump. Here are four things you can do to stay out of that dump.

Feature   |   May 23, 2016
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by News Editor

Indusgeeks, a game-based training company, announces enhancements to its content transformation platform to create game-based learning solutions specifically for the banking, financial services, and insurance industries.

News   |   May 23, 2016
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by News Editor

Video on demand (VOD) is a great innovation: It offers providers control, low risk, and simplicity. Unfortunately, it can be problematic for training use, where you want engagement, interactivity, and real-time collaboration. VODaL offers a user experience that resembles a live streaming event without the cost and risk of live television!

News   |   May 19, 2016
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by Henry Smith, Carey Borkoski, Beth Kobett

Technology changes job assessment and online teaching and learning practices in higher education (and other organizations as well). This includes the empowerment of new groups of stakeholders, including students, leading in some institutions to political pressure to implement new assessments to improve teaching and learning. Here is how these forces are playing out at one university.

Spotlight   |   May 18, 2016
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by JD Dillon

Does everyone in your organization value learning as much as you do? If they don’t, what can you do to help others see the value of workplace learning? And just as important, how can you understand the day-to-day lives of the people you support and provide resources that fit? Here are five tips to balance learning strategy and business context.

Column   |   May 17, 2016
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by David Cameron

How do you engage people to make learning stick? Is it only by using media to grab the senses and emotions: video, audio? Is it only by using games that promise an easy and entertaining diversion from the work of learning? Or can you engage people’s minds in a way that, in itself, is learning? What do a vicar, a preacher, and a duck have in common, apart from two feet and a mouth? Find out here.

Feature   |   May 16, 2016
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by Clark Quinn

Douglas Engelbart (1925 – 2013) is a key figure in the development of the technologies we use today to “boost our collective ability to solve complex, urgent problems on a global scale.” The devices and systems for which he is best known were only the minimal infrastructure necessary to realize that vision. Comprehending that vision can bring clarity to our own work in facilitating learning.

Spotlight   |   May 11, 2016
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by Marc Rosenberg

If learners have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a course, doesn’t that mean they are ready to learn? No! They must actually be ready to learn. Here are the key things you should find out about and deal with before you answer that question.

Column   |   May 10, 2016
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