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by Nic Laycock

The Internet has its good side, but unfortunately it also has its evil side: the victimization of children. Fortunately, there is an international network of hotlines, set up in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, to rapidly identify and remove child-abuse material from the Internet. eLearning plays an important part in this effort. In this article you’ll meet one of the key players.

News   |   August 27, 2015
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by Bill Brandon

Membership at paid levels in The eLearning Guild gives you free access to hundreds of resources in our expanding collections! This article will introduce you to some of these resources and help you learn how to use the collections. This week you will find links to a graphic design technique, mobile learning strategy, professional competency insights, and gamification techniques.

Tip   |   August 26, 2015
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by News Editor

With Knowledge Direct, associations can now engage and increase membership through rich, accessible, and social learning experiences.

News   |   August 26, 2015
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by Joe Ganci

Last week, Adobe released Captivate version 9. With each new version, there have been some very welcome additions, and some new features that would first make us scratch our heads only to find eventually that we couldn’t live without them. In this review, you will get a comprehensive look at almost everything in Captivate 9, including those soon-to-be-indispensable features!

Review   |   August 25, 2015
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by News Editor

This integration gives Captivate 9 developers instant access to over 25,000 templates directly within the software. eLearning Brothers Templates are now included in the purchase price of Captivate 9, giving developers the ability to create engaging, interactive, and inspiring courses.

News   |   August 25, 2015
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by Kyle Chambers

“Engagement” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in articles about learning. But what is it, really, and how does an instructional designer or a development team successfully engage users of eLearning content? Here are some tips from an experienced game designer!

Feature   |   August 24, 2015
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by Lauralee Sheehan

What defines a “woman in tech”? In this growing digital world, that’s a question that needs asking. Given the ways in which tech careers are constantly evolving and changing, the obvious answer that equates “tech” with “STEM” no longer suffices. Here’s an insightful essay on finding a better answer.

Spotlight   |   August 20, 2015
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by Art Kohn

Today’s learners have little tolerance for two-day lecture courses (or two-hour lectures, for that matter). In reaction, many organizations are now wondering about micro-training: short bursts of training that fit into 10 minutes or less. Is this reaction justified by claims that goldfish now have longer attention spans than people?

Column   |   August 20, 2015
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by News Editor

Adobe Captivate Prime is a cloud-based self-service learning management system that enables eLearning professionals to easily set up, deliver, and track any form of learning. Adobe Captivate 9 features enhanced mobile authoring and more than 25,000 eLearning assets.

News   |   August 19, 2015
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by John Parsons

Video for eLearning is not just recorded lectures (long and boring) or high-end productions (long and expensive). It’s time to re-imagine video as a collection of shorter pieces—eLearning content that you can reuse and recycle—to reduce costs and increase our courseware flexibility.

Tip   |   August 19, 2015
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