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by David James

Is your learning management system actually helping employees to improve their performance? It is time to look past learning, to refocus on performance and capability, to help people to do their actual jobs, and ensure that the capability to deliver real results exists in the organization. Here are four actions you can take to change the way you look at our work differently!

Feature   |   August 29, 2016
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by Pamela Hogle

The eLearning sector faces increasing demands for change and flexibility. Learners want to control how and when they use eLearning. One response is Skillsoft’s new content-delivery platform, focused on the learners’ experience that will include collaborative and social-learning features.

Interview   |   August 25, 2016
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by Pamela Hogle

Social media platforms make it easy to develop large “professional” learning networks. A learning network can arise around use of the same software tool, discussion of learning strategy or eLearning design and development models, or exploration of content on the same topic. Learn about it here!

Spotlight   |   August 24, 2016
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by Clark Quinn

This is the start of a narration, a story—working out loud, in other words—about how a small group of designers decided to build a better way to support learning. The end of this narration will come in September, when the team releases its product, free of charge, to the world. Enjoy the view as you travel along with the team under the guidance of The eLearning Guild’s first Guild Master.

Spotlight   |   August 24, 2016
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by News Editor

A video discussion platform is updated to offer a more accessible and connected environment. Flipgrid fuels active, social learning among co-workers and the leadership team. Because Flipgrid is accessible on a variety of digital platforms (desktop, iOS, and Android), educators, companies, and HR managers use it to host MOOCs and train their workforces from virtually anywhere.

News   |   August 23, 2016
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by Jeff Batt

Have you ever wanted to have different paths through your eLearning, based on the user’s knowledge or on user answers to questions? That’s part of what it means to make learning adaptable and personalized! This is key to getting your eLearning out of the one-size-fits-all approach that turns off so many learners. Here’s how to tailor eLearning to each learner if you are using Storyline!

Tip   |   August 23, 2016
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by Lisa Minogue-White

Earlier this year, many media outlets predicted that 2016 would be “the year of virtual reality” (VR). But after 10 years of reports and anticipation, it is clear that our efforts to put VR to work in the service of learning must be led by the business needs, not the technology. Here is a model to help you do that!

Feature   |   August 22, 2016
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by Pamela Hogle

Guild Master Jean Marrapodi believes that eLearning should be accessible to all learners. Universal design is important for ADA compliance, she says, and it improves learners’ experience and makes eLearning more convenient.

Interview   |   August 18, 2016
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by Mark Lassoff

Typography is often best understood by examining the vocabulary used to discuss the craft. Here are some of the most common terms, along with tips to help you apply them using typical digital design software. The people who use your products will be forever grateful for your efforts, and other designers won’t laugh at your work!

Column   |   August 18, 2016
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by Mark Magnacca

Sales organizations are using more just-in-time video learning to drive sales productivity. Over time, video will enhance onboarding of new sales professionals and their foundational training, and also support sales enablement, simplifying the collection, curation, and sharing of valuable content from the field. This article explains how this works, and provides a success story to illustrate.

Spotlight   |   August 17, 2016
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