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New eBook: 62 Tips on Effective eLearning Instructional Design

by Bill Brandon

January 21, 2013


by Bill Brandon

January 21, 2013

We organized our expert presenters’ tips into seven categories: Making Learning Stick, Effective Instructional Design and Development, Managing Project Costs and Time, Demonstrating Your Value, Documenting and Managing Your Designs and Standards, Designing for Mobile, and Customizing and Personalizing Learning. We compiled these into a free eBook for your enjoyment. Read here for details and where to download the book!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the new technologies available to eLearning every day: mobile apps, 3-D virtual worlds, geolocation, MOOCs, advanced development tools, and more every day. But these technologies are not the source of value or the cause of success for eLearning projects.

February’s Online Forum: design creates value

The success of any eLearning project rests on effective instructional design. To have significant value, eLearning must address the needs of learners and stakeholders, and it must do so in ways that facilitate learning transfer, knowledge retention, and skills development.

The Online Forum, “eLearning Instructional Design: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques” (coming February 21 & 22), will focus on using solid instructional design as the basis for all your eLearning development. The experts who present at this event will provide information for seasoned instructional designers and for those new to this growing field.

Top tips from top designers

The presenters for the February forum—eLearning professionals with a variety of expertise in instructional design—gave us their top eLearning design and design-related tips. Their 62 tips focus on topics from spaced repetition to recycling eLearning assets, from managing eLearning design standards to designing learning for mobile devices.

We organized the tips into seven categories.  Learn from the experts how to:

Make learning stick

If the instruction doesn’t stick, the learning is ultimately a failure. Our experts offer seven tips on making sure learners won’t forget their learning when the instructions are no longer in front of them.

Enhance your design and development practices

How can you ensure learners get the most out of what you provide them? Our tipsters offer 25 tips about enhancing your training with videos, the importance of meaningful feedback, the value of storyboarding, and more.

Manage project costs and time

You can find time and cost savings where you least expected to find them, from recycling eLearning assets to acquiring free tools and templates. Even the ever-present learning objective can serve double duty as a way to save. The experts offer seven more tips.

Demonstrate your value

Don’t let anybody put your learning and development team in a corner. Whether it’s dealing with stakeholders or SMEs, these four tips can help you be an advocate for your program.

Document and manage your designs and standards

If you don’t document and manage instructional designs and standards right from the beginning, you can run into problems later. Our experts steer you through this essential process with seven simple, effective tips.

Design for mobile

Mobile learning has some particular opportunities—and constraints. Seven more tips show you how to make the most of your mLearning, from haptic technology to apps.

Customize and personalize learning

The most effective education allows for personalization. These five tips from our experts will help you incorporate learner control, skill level, and other methods to improve the learning experience.

Download these tips today!

This outstanding compilation is now available for your use as a downloadable free eBook, 62 Tips on Effective eLearning Instructional Design.

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