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Ruth Clark

Articles by Ruth Clark

Why Games Don't Teach  February 19, 2013

Ask trainers to define what they mean by the term “game” and you will likely hear a mix of features or examples. The problem is that many things that could be called a game do not necessarily lead to learning. A leader in the field of instructional technology takes on the question: Is it right to advocate games as a main or frequent instructional strategy?

Efficiency in e-Learning: Proven Instructional Methods for Faster, Better, Online Learning  November 7, 2005

Instructional designers face the constant challenge of balancing many considerations affecting learning. Of all the guidelines from research offering advice on these matters, few are more challenging than those dealing with cognitive load. How much is too much? Is cognitive load always bad? In this article, two authors who have focused on these questions give you the answers and a systematic view.

Four Steps to Effective Virtual Classroom Training  May 16, 2005

Research now shows that traditional classrooms and virtual classrooms (synchronous e-Learning) are about equally effective overall. It’s not the medium that makes the difference; it’s the way in which the designer and the instructor use the features that are available. One of the outstanding e-Learning designers in the world reveals guidelines that will help you use the virtual classroom.

More Than Just Eye Candy: Graphics for e-Learning: Part 2 of 2 parts  September 15, 2003

This concludes an expert review of research on best practices in using visuals in e-Learning. Choosing the best graphic for learning purposes depends on your instructional goals, the learning landscape, and the learners who will participate. The systematic visual design model summarized in this outstanding article will enable you to derive the best graphic treatment every time!

More Than Just Eye Candy: Graphics for eLearning: Part 1  August 11, 2003

Visuals included in your eLearning can improve learning—if you can figure out how to use them correctly. In this, the first of two parts, two experts guide you through the results of research into the best practices. This is an article you will want to refer to often!

Six Principles of Effective e-Learning: What Works and Why  September 10, 2002

Decisions about e-Learning courseware must begin with an understanding of how the mind works during learning and of what research tells us about the factors that lead to learning. Here are the six principles that have emerged from controlled experiments in how to best use multimedia in e- Learning.