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Chris Stape

Articles by Chris Stape

Research: What Is the Learning Effect of a Course Map on Advanced Learners?  December 12, 2011

Course navigation, and how to best manage the limited resources of working memory and the computer screen, are key considerations in eLearning design. The effect of course maps on learning is difficult to assess, as the research findings are mixed. This study examined whether a course map affected the length of time to complete a training course and the achievement results of 846 adult learners.

Brain Research, Instructional Strategies, and E-Learning: Making the Connection  September 28, 2009

Research is giving us valuable new information about how the brain works, how humans learn, and how learning physically changes the brain. This article explains the roots of brain-compatible learning strategies based on research using brain-scan technologies, discusses the strategies that are most effective, offers a guide to choosing one, and offers tactics for implementing selected strategies.

Good Beginnings: Leveraging the Strengths and Avoiding the Weaknesses of the E-Learning Medium  September 24, 2007

Sometimes, whether an e-Learning application works or not depends on whether the designer did or did not do some very simple and very basic things. None of these things has much to do with technology, and all of them have very much to do with human beings who use the application. Discover three simple principles, applied in the opening elements of an e-Learning program, that make a big difference.