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Kevin Wilcoxon

Articles by Kevin Wilcoxon

Programmed Interactions: Spell It Out First  June 16, 2014

In designing interactive learning activities, there are certain basic concepts the designer should keep in mind. In addition, designers must communicate with programmers who will convert their design specifications into useful code. Here are some ideas that will help you (or your designers) deal effectively with both sets of issues.

Building An Online Learning Community  October 3, 2011

How can an instructional designer (ID) leverage social interaction online to engage learners, increase exchange and dialogue, and get better results, without losing the purposeful focus provided by an instructor or traditional course content and structure? Here is an approach that you can adapt to your requirements.

Do I have Your Attention? Design Practices Help Learners Engage  May 19, 2008

Effective e-Learning design practices must do more than just package content for delivery. They must result in products that get, and keep, the learner's attention, while also facilitating strengthened processing and memory – learning. Doing this well requires some knowledge of the way the brain works, and this article helps you connect knowledge about brain function to what you already know.