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Thought-provoking Keynotes on Maximizing Performance

Step outside your comfort zone and prepare to be informed, entertained, and inspired by four keynote speakers offering unique perspectives and lessons learned about different aspects of maximizing performance.

Robert Ballard, Scientist and Ocean Explorer

Exploring the Role of Technology in Peak Performance

Wednesday, March 13, 8:30a – 10:00a

World-famous for his discovery of the Titanic and the Bismarck, Robert Ballard leads audiences on an exploration of history’s greatest mysteries. The skills that led to his accomplishments are the same skills that now lead people around the world toward the realization of their dreams. Dr. Ballard presents his most recent work in deep-water archaeology and the technology of tele-presence. He discusses motivating people to think outside the box, extending abilities with technology, learning how to deal with failure along the way to success, and how to live your dream.

Aaron Dignan, Author, CEO, Undercurrent

Lessons Games Teach Us About Enhanced Performance

Wednesday, March 13, 4:00p – 5:00p

Despite generating billions of dollars in revenue and absorbing billions of hours per week, many still regard games as frivolous. The truth is that human beings are built to play—our brains are wired for the kind of experience that games provide—and play is just another word for learning. This also means that we can play games with the systems that govern our real-life activities, and that when we do, we’re more engaged and likely to succeed. In this presentation, Aaron Dignan shares how games can help enhance performance.

Daniel Coyle, Author and Contributing Editor to Outside Magazine

Hotbed: The Blueprint of High Performance

Thursday, March 14, 8:30a – 10:00a

Daniel Coyle has visited the world’s greatest talent hotbeds in sports, art, business, and music—places that produce huge numbers of extraordinary performers. Here he explains how you can use a few leadership principles to maximize high performance in your organization. The secret is the specific, targeted methods of training and motivation these hotbeds use to build the high-speed neural circuitry that underlies all greatness, from art to sports. He shows how these principles help leaders improve performance and maximize potential in their organizations and beyond.

Yvonne Camus, Adventurer, Executive and Performance Expert

Leading a High-performance Life

Friday, March 15, 11:00a – 12:15p

Yvonne Camus competed in the Eco-Challenge, the world’s premier expedition racing championship; hers was the first rookie team to complete the grueling competition. Despite daunting challenges, it is possible to achieve high-performance living. Ms. Camus will use her experiences to show how to rise to any challenge. In the process, she helps you to realize the potential for greatness in yourself, in your co-workers, and in your entire organization. Ms. Camus delivers a talk that will make you rethink workplace pressures, stress, and what it means to lead a high-performance life.