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by Joe Ganci, Jennifer De Vries

Has a client ever asked you to revise a course that someone else wrote? This can be either a great opportunity or a train wreck. This, the first of four sets of tips for revising (or fixing) a project, is a checklist to use before you begin such an assignment. These questions will identify “hot spots” and client expectations, helping to ensure a successful engagement!

Tip   |   May 23, 2013
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by Mike Dickinson

A quality scorecard for multiple-choice items, both at the individual and the training organization levels, can help a manager improve effectiveness of multiple-choice tests. The manager could use the scorecard to assess specific tests or to assess a cross section of multiple-choice items collected from each instructor or designer’s portfolio. Here is such a scorecard!

Tip   |   May 15, 2013
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by Jack McGrath

“Simulation” is a technique that is useful across many different instructional situations. By far the most important task in designing effective simulations is creating scenarios that reflect the real world. The story arc model can help you master this challenge.

Tip   |   April 30, 2013
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by Dusti Annan-Coultas

One of the most difficult accountabilities in a professional’s job description is managing change. There are few guidelines and no paradigm easily abbreviated into a set of initials. In fact, the professional must climb completely out of the familiar box that may be his or her job description and venture into very unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, one who has been there left a map.

Tip   |   April 17, 2013
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by Jennifer Neibert

Most workplace learning happens outside formal training course and classes. To effectively support and improve job performance, learning content must also be available when the learner needs it. Here are some tips from experts to get your learners the content they need when and where they need it. For more tips from these experts and others, sign up for the April 11 Online Forum!

Tip   |   March 27, 2013
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by Jon Duggan

Every good instructional designer knows that content must be meaningful and it must engage the learner. Every instructional designer also knows just how difficult that can be! Here is a three-point strategy that will help you design content that meets the challenge.

Tip   |   March 19, 2013
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by Brenda Sugrue

There has been considerable discussion of Bloom’s Taxonomy (a classic tool for instructional design) in the last two decades. Here is an alternative that may simplify the problem of coming up with appropriate instruction and assessment.

Tip   |   March 6, 2013
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by Gary Lipkowitz

Trainers and educators have long known that appropriate, well-made video can increase levels of engagement and retention in eLearning. Technology is providing us with a set of tools we can use to create more video without breaking the bank. Here are eight tips for using one such product, GoAnimate, in your eLearning.

Tip   |   February 28, 2013
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by Troy Fulton

When creating mobile applications, developers sometimes overlook a critical group—the IT department. The same is true when launching a mobile learning or performance-support initiative. Not taking IT’s policy management needs into consideration can lead to problems. Here are some tips that will ensure all goes smoothly!

Tip   |   February 13, 2013
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by Tina Woita

How are you using data to set strategy and guide development and deployment of your learning programs? Collecting and analyzing data makes it possible to understand the resources needed in order to move forward, and to differentiate the needs by organizational unit and location, and by tenure. Here are some tips for using real-time data to create effective learning content.

Tip   |   December 19, 2012
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