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by Steve Foreman

What does successful LMS implementation require? These projects can involve significant investments of time, money, and planning. In this series, you will find a complete outline of the steps in the process that many organizations have followed for successful implementation efforts.

Feature   |   July 29, 2013
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by Jennifer De Vries, Joe Ganci

Up to this point in the series on picking up someone else’s project, Joe and Jennifer have covered the things you should find out before accepting the job, and what to look for in the project files. Now they detail what to document as you do your revisions—and why!

Tip   |   July 18, 2013
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by Stephen Haskin

Video is a great resource for delivering content for learning, but it requires a lot of storage, and producing video that doesn’t have huge bandwidth requirements is another challenge. The combinations of ways to render video can be daunting. This article covers what you need to know about video compression, whether you are already using video or are just getting started!

Feature   |   July 8, 2013
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by Danielle Slatinsky

Creating effective online instruction requires consideration of many factors if it is to lead learners to achieve the desired skills and knowledge. It must match the characteristics of the learners and the content and it must fit the circumstances of the learner. How is it possible to meet all these requirements? There are best practices, and this article gives a succinct summary as well as a plac

Tip   |   June 26, 2013
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by Joe Ganci, Jennifer De Vries

In the first part of this series on picking up someone else’s project, Joe and Jennifer provided a checklist to use before accepting the job. Now they alert you to the things you should look for in the project files, especially when the tool that created them was either Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. This article could save you a lot of work!

Tip   |   June 20, 2013
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by News Editor

dominKnow Learning Systems Announces beta program for eLearning and mLearning software that allows authors to create content that responds to a user’s screen size

News   |   June 18, 2013
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by News Editor

Company expands custom learning content development expertise in Canada.

News   |   June 5, 2013
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by Bill Brandon

Mobile learning and support is challenging traditional models of learning that rely on courses. It is happening quickly, and the details can be overwhelming. “Business as usual” is not an effective strategy. The eLearning Guild’s mLearnCon 2013 will be extremely helpful to your efforts—here are some sessions you will want to consider attending for maximum benefit.

Spotlight   |   May 29, 2013
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by Joe Ganci, Jennifer De Vries

Has a client ever asked you to revise a course that someone else wrote? This can be either a great opportunity or a train wreck. This, the first of four sets of tips for revising (or fixing) a project, is a checklist to use before you begin such an assignment. These questions will identify “hot spots” and client expectations, helping to ensure a successful engagement!

Tip   |   May 23, 2013
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by John Sadowski

Are we using rapid development tools in a way that makes our eLearning more effective?

Feature   |   May 13, 2013
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