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by News Editor

The eLearning Guild, the leading global community of practice for eLearning professionals, has taken over production of the eLearning DevCon™ & mLearning DevCon™ conferences from Callidus Software, which acquired them as part of its 2011 acquisition of Rapid Intake. These events will expand the Guild’s offerings of highly technical developer-oriented content at its events.

News   |   February 16, 2013
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by Troy Fulton

When creating mobile applications, developers sometimes overlook a critical group—the IT department. The same is true when launching a mobile learning or performance-support initiative. Not taking IT’s policy management needs into consideration can lead to problems. Here are some tips that will ensure all goes smoothly!

Tip   |   February 13, 2013
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by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is one of the two largest and most successful gatherings in North America focused on technology-supported learning and performance (the other one is The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn in the autumn). Learning Solutions Conference & Expo returns to Orlando March 13 – 15, 2013. Read about it here to understand all that this outstanding event offers!

Feature   |   February 11, 2013
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by Nic Laycock

Finding and verifying information on the web to support eLearning development can be time- consuming. In large organizations, “push” methodology (the LMS) makes eLearning manageable for learners, but elsewhere, it’s a “pull” world, with no help. Is there a way around these difficulties? A start-up in the UK is exploring how crowd sourcing can improve things for developers and for learners.

News   |   February 7, 2013
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by Bill Brandon

This is an outstanding tutorial for Google+, or G+ for short. If you are new to G+ and feeling overwhelmed, this is your guide. If you don’t know anything about G+, Kawasaki’s book will provide the basics. If you weren’t impressed with G+ when you tried it right after launch, Guy will give you an updated appreciation for what the service offers.

Review   |   January 31, 2013
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by Mayra Villar

Recent research challenges the assumption that games are not an appropriate channel for learning. By focusing on delivering the necessary experience, designers can produce meaningful, engaging eLearning as games. Here are guidelines to effective mechanics, story, aesthetics, and technology selection that support contextualized practice, invitation to action, and self-assessment of decisions.

Feature   |   January 14, 2013
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by Joe Ganci

What happened this year? Historians will see 2012 as the tipping point for eLearning tools. Joe reviews the past 366 days (goodbye, leap year) and the highlights in the world of design and development software.

Review   |   December 26, 2012
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by Bill Brandon

While 2012 went by quickly, it didn’t seem too complicated. We can’t count on being so lucky with 2013–it’s likely to present tricky challenges. It will be a good year to craft a mixed learning and support strategy for your organization.

Feature   |   December 17, 2012
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by Marc Rosenberg

If you thought 2012 was an action-packed year, get ready for 2013, because it will be more of the same. Marc looks ahead to what he sees as the key trends, offers some advice about what you can do about them, and suggests where you should remember to learn more.

Column   |   December 11, 2012
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by Nic Laycock

Faced with an increasingly common situation in developing nations—economic growth that brings a huge influx of qualified but inexperienced professionals into a workforce that does not have enough experienced people to coach them—a South African electricity utility is innovating immersive simulations to give the new workers what they need. Here is their story.

News   |   December 6, 2012
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