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by Joanne Wells

The success and popularity of Pokémon Go confirm what eLearners have known for a long time: A digital interface, engaging interactions, gamification, and a focus on action lead to user engagement. Here are three ways to help keep your performance and eLearning management strategies in step to help employees grow and develop.

Spotlight   |   September 15, 2016
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by Pamela Hogle

Learners retain information presented visually better than information presented only as text. Microlearning videos, as part of an eLearning strategy, enhance the effectiveness of training. Create low-budget, high-engagement microlearning videos with free tools!

Spotlight   |   August 31, 2016
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by News Editor

A video discussion platform is updated to offer a more accessible and connected environment. Flipgrid fuels active, social learning among co-workers and the leadership team. Because Flipgrid is accessible on a variety of digital platforms (desktop, iOS, and Android), educators, companies, and HR managers use it to host MOOCs and train their workforces from virtually anywhere.

News   |   August 23, 2016
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by Joe Ganci

Have we reached a tipping point in the evolution of eLearning development tools? mLevel is an example of a tool that is pretty close to meeting market demands for easier authoring of microlearning and gamification, for useful analytics, for desktop and mobile delivery, and for engaging features. Read all about it in this review!

Review   |   July 28, 2016
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by Bill Brandon

Hundreds attended the latest eLearning Guild conference in Austin at the beginning of June. FocusOn Learning continues the tradition of Guild conferences by providing leading-edge content in a highly interactive and engaging environment.

Spotlight   |   June 30, 2016
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by News Editor

ApprenNet, the signature video learning platform used to scale skill development and authentic assessment, announces the release of a full learner mobile interface. The enhancements include improved mobile functionality, as well as significant pedagogical upgrades to ApprenNet’s patented multi-step learning method.

News   |   June 1, 2016
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by News Editor

Origin Learning announces the launch of the mobile app for Konnect, its cloud-hosted social learning platform. The app works across multiple operating systems and supports a variety of course formats including SCORM, AICC, and the xAPI (Tin Can).

News   |   June 1, 2016
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by News Editor

Mobile Coach announces the opportunity to author training reinforcement campaigns on its interactive text messaging platform. Central to Mobile Coach campaigns is the ability to offer timely, individualized feedback to thousands of users simultaneously.

News   |   May 31, 2016
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by Chad Udell

Nine years ago, the iPhone entered the scene and became the disruptor to end all disrupters, even though most people still just used it as a phone. Are you engaged in any discussions about the utility and usefulness of the mobile learning you produce? And what is “mobile learning”? Never mind the minor details—is what you create indispensable?

Feature   |   May 9, 2016
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by Kat Gore

The eLearning Guild has released a complimentary white paper, Harnessing the Mobile Storm: The Power and Potential of Mobile Learning. This white paper paints a colorful picture of the power and potential of the mobile storm now reaching the shores of most learning and development groups.

Spotlight   |   April 28, 2016
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