4 Key Tips for Optimizing Your Learning Distribution

The ability to distribute learning easily to users, websites, and platforms is a vital part of your learning success.

Lengthy upload times and learning that isn’t easy to access on the go can make the process harder for L&D teams and learners—but the right authoring and hosting tools help solve these challenges.

When it comes to multi-device publishing, these tools give organizations the ability to update and distribute content instantly.

In this article, I’ll look at how to make access to courses as simple as possible, meet learners where they are, and ensure your L&D team can distribute content instantly.

1. Use smaller files to save time and resources

At some point, most L&D and IT teams have had to contend with a laborious process in order to publish or make changes to courses. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

More and more organizations are using authoring tools that publish the smallest files possible when updates are made. Often this reduces files from hundreds of megabytes to a fractional size of just a few kilobytes.

This is transformational for organizations, saving them huge amounts in time and costs. When they need to make tiny changes to content, the pain of being forced to re-upload entire courses is no longer required.

These smaller files are automatically checked and updated, providing a fully optimized course with instant updates.

Distributing new course or product information becomes achievable within seconds thanks to this rapid update method. The result is a much quicker, far more efficient way of distributing learning.

2. Give learners the best portal possible

Learning portals haven’t always had a great reputation, but with the right authoring tool there’s no reason why your staff shouldn’t enjoy a personalized experience that looks and feels slick.

Your branding is unique and important to you, and a portal should allow you to apply this clearly and consistently. If you decide to change your branding in the future, easy-to-use templates are ideal for creating themes and save you the hassle of having to individually edit every page.

Learners can be put off by portals that are unreliable or crash when there’s high demand to access a course. But with a cloud-based portal using Amazon Web Services’ powerful servers, you can depend upon an always-on, rapid, and highly secure technical infrastructure.

This has levelled the playing field in terms of giving businesses of all sizes and resources the potential to host and distribute learning at speed. This also reduces the need for your IT team to worry about a host of considerations that need to be made for on-premise storage.

3. Encourage sharing with direct links and QR codes

With more than two-thirds of organizations now providing mobile learning, the opportunities for reaching learners while they’re on the go have never been greater.

The more convenient your resources are for learners to access, the greater the chances are that learners will fully engage with them.

Providing a direct link to a course might sound simple, but not all authoring tools provide this option. Without it, though, the simplicity of sharing a course by email or on social media platforms can be lost.

Scannable QR codes are also a great way of giving your learners access to courses and information—and they’re another option a modern eLearning authoring and hosting tool should provide you with.

4. Embed your learning onto other sites

Many organizations work with more than just a learning homepage, such as intranet pages and external sites. With these, it can be extremely useful to be able to embed courses and learning materials directly onto pages.

With a simple embed code, hosting tools can give you the capability to embed your course on any page. As well as encouraging sharing, this is a further way of reaching learners in the spaces where they already are.

Learning distribution made easy

At gomo, we’ve seen the difference that effective distribution methods can make to learning success. As disparate workforces seek the convenience of learning where and when they want, offering easy access to resources is a fundamental step towards increasing learner engagement.

The right authoring tools give your L&D team the confidence to update courses easily and fully track learner progress. Even if your learners are working offline in remote locations, an authoring tool should give you the freedom of instant updates with full tracking and analytics dashboards.

No matter how your organization’s learning needs change, being able to create and distribute content with ease means you can make learning a driving force behind business success.

Learn how gomo can help you optimize your learning distribution.

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