New White Paper Explores Simulation-Based Learning

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February 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered how exactly organizations are using emerging AR and VR technologies for training?

We know from studies that trainees find computer-based simulation games to be a more effective method of training, but have you heard the success stories? The era of new-generation simulations is here, and it works.

In this white paper, Simulation-Based Learning: The Rise of the PlayStation Professionals, Anders Gronstedt lays out specific examples that show how the corporate world is approaching simulation-based learning. Examples, among many in the paper, include employees practicing cybersecurity through game-based simulation and a company using 3-D immersive experiences to teach standards and protocols for hotel management.

Along with sharing real-world success stories, the author also dives into the implications that new-generation simulations present for the eLearning industry.

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