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JD Dillon

Articles by JD Dillon

In Real Life: How to Get the Influence to Get Things Done  January 16, 2018

“Juice” is the influence you need to get things done. Don’t have enough juice? Here’s how to get it.

In Real Life: Your 2018 L&D Strategy  January 8, 2018

What’s your 2018 L&D strategy? I’m not talking about your massive project list. How are you going to help people do their jobs even better this year?

In Real Life: Building Trust from Behind the Scenes  November 21, 2017

How do you go about building trust in an audience that may have been disappointed by past L&D offerings? Start by getting back to the basics.

In Real Life: The Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework  October 17, 2017

The modern learning ecosystem framework is a method for meeting workplace learning and performance needs. Here’s how it works and why you should use it.

In Real Life: Don't Forget About On-the-Job Training  September 19, 2017

Effective on-the-job training—coaching—is the foundation of the workplace learning experience. Here are the essential points that make OJT work.

In Real Life: Self-Directed Learning Can Only Work If…  August 15, 2017

Why self-directed learning? Why now? Here are six considerations L&D must address before venturing down the path of strategic self-directed learning.

Adaptive Learning: Five Common Misconceptions  July 31, 2017

Modern L&D leaders must integrate adaptive learning principles into workplace learning strategy.

In Real Life: Content Is Holding L&D Back  July 18, 2017

Is your training content not in demand? Is it outdated? If your content is holding back your L&D transformation, here are six steps you can take.

In Real Life: Everyone Has an Opinion on Learning  June 20, 2017

Everyone has an opinion on learning—from how it works best for them to what their organization needs. L&D must navigate and influence these opinions to execute their identified right-fit strategies.

L&D Digital Transformation Begins with Rethinking the LMS  June 5, 2017

While the LMS was one of the few tools available for L&D to deliver training in the past, the way we do our work has not kept pace with the way we live. This is especially true when it comes to accessing and sharing information, a foundational consideration for modern learning organizations. Here are 10 steps for designing a right-fit continuous learning experience for today’s organizations.

In Real Life: Modern Learning Is Spelled V-A-L-U-E  May 16, 2017

Value is the ultimate qualifier in terms of learning strategy effectiveness. Therefore, when modernizing our learning practices, we must ask whether our efforts provide value to key audiences within our organizations.

In Real Life: What I've Learned After 15 Years of Playing Games at Work  April 18, 2017

Practical takeaways from using game elements to support workplace learning.

In Real Life: Is Your Organization Ready for an L&D Evolution?  March 21, 2017

L&D is seeking to evolve its strategies and tactics to provide value in the modern workplace, but are the people we support throughout our organizations ready and willing to accept such an evolution?

In Real Life: Navigating the Learning Alt-Tech Landscape  February 21, 2017

It’s getting harder and harder for L&D pros to choose among the mountain of learning technology options available today. Therefore, they must learn to navigate the technology landscape by focusing on differentiating factors that can enable the right- fit learning experience and deliver measurable results.

In Real Life: Don't Leave Your L&D Team Behind  January 17, 2017

As L&D professionals, we often find ourselves in chase mode as we try to keep up with our stakeholders’ evolving strategies. We therefore must become change-management experts to drive desired behavior change. But do we always apply the same expertise when there is change within our L&D teams? Thoughts on driving a mindset shift across L&D.

In Real Life: What Will You Resolve to Do Better in 2017?  December 20, 2016

Five resolutions to help get L&D leaders off to a strong start in 2017.

In Real Life: What Have You Done for ME Lately?  November 22, 2016

For L&D to justify its continued value to an organization and avoid the “What have you done for me lately?” question, L&D must integrate its support into the day-to-day workflow and become part of how work gets done.

Top 10 Objections to Gamification (and the Best Way to Respond)  October 24, 2016

Gamification gets its fair share of skepticism regarding its potential to impact employee learning and performance. But experience has shown that when applied effectively, gamification has the power to significantly improve employee engagement and business outcomes. Here are some responses to the most common objections!

In Real Life: Sometimes We May Have to Deliver Bad Training, But…  October 18, 2016

What can you do when regulatory requirements (or other reasons) force situations that require you to deliver “bad training”? It may seem that there’s no way to make the experience tolerable for your co-workers or other employees, but that doesn’t have to be true! Here are five tips that will definitely help.

In Real Life: Enabling Your Knowledge-Sharing Advocates  September 20, 2016

In an ideal world, workplace information and experience would flow together into a powerful collection of shared knowledge. Employees and teams would know what to share and how best to share it. L&D would focus on tools and enablement rather than content and control. Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t live (or work) in that world. Yet we could. Here’s how to get on the road to that world.

In Real Life: Kick-start the Shift to Modern Workplace Learning  August 16, 2016

The call to evolve the role of learning and development (L&D) has become downright deafening. If you haven’t heard it, you just aren’t listening. The workplace has changed, but we have not kept pace with the ways we support it. Many L&D thought leaders are sharing great ideas on how to shift the L&D mindset. Here are four key tips for you!

In Real Life: That Won't Work for Us  July 19, 2016

Skepticism. Doubt. Snap judgment. One of these is not like the others. Skepticism can be a healthy means of suspending judgment, as long as impartial investigation follows. Doubt can be a natural response to risk, and it can be overcome. But snap judgment, if a habit, may do more harm than good. If you’re vulnerable to that habit, here are five practical ways to overcome it.

In Real Life: The Most Important Person in Workplace Learning  June 21, 2016

Who makes the biggest difference in the success of employee workplace learning? Join JD as he reviews all the usual suspects. Is it a neo-noir mystery, or is it an open-and-shut story? Review the roles that exist in any organization, learn who actually makes or breaks employee learning, and find out five better ways to partner with that person.

Four Ways You Can Use Video to Support Workplace Learning  May 30, 2016

Video (and film before it) has been part of the resource set for learning and development for decades, and it’s now easier to use than ever. Here are four ideas for how you can use video to support workplace learning and performance—along with a few examples!

In Real Life: Helping Our Partners Value Learning Too  May 17, 2016

Does everyone in your organization value learning as much as you do? If they don’t, what can you do to help others see the value of workplace learning? And just as important, how can you understand the day-to-day lives of the people you support and provide resources that fit? Here are five tips to balance learning strategy and business context.

In Real Life: What Does JD Stand for Anyway?  April 19, 2016

JD Dillon is our newest columnist at Learning Solutions Magazine! Many readers already know JD from his presentations at conferences and from his blog, and we hope that many more will benefit from his insights here. This month, an introduction.