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Virtual Training Survey Reveals 2019 Trends, Surprises

Virtual training survey reveals trends, technology challenges—and a surprising new platform.

Integrate Learning into the Workflow with These 3 Tools

Tools that integrate learning into the workflow enable employees to approach learning the same way they do in their lives as digital consumers.

4 Emerging AI Technologies That Could Transform eLearning

Can we teach computers to see and to identify emotions? Emerging AI technologies in these and other areas could transform eLearning.

New Google Glass App Provides Omnipresent Virtual Assistant

A wearable, Google Glass-based virtual assistant provides performance support in the workflow, improving production line efficiency.

AR and VR Can Drive Behavior Change—Without Breaking the Bank

Augmented and virtual reality have promise as ways to drive behavior change—and it’s possible to create these experiences without a huge budget.

In Real Life: How to Make Smarter Learning Tech Decisions

Choosing a new learning platform is an important decision. How can you make smarter learning tech decisions? Here are some principles to guide you.

A Measured Response: VR May Offer Key to Mitigating Anxiety

Triggering fear in a VR experience might hold the key to creating engaging training that can change behavior and mitigate anxiety.

Alexa Gets a Job: How AI Could Transform Performance Support

Consumers are increasingly integrating digital assistants into work tasks, offering the potential to transform performance support.

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