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Getting Your Head Around Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence might be the next big thing in learning. What part will you play in its development? Are you ready to begin?

In Extending and Remapping Reality, VR Makes Us More Real

A “wonderful bug” that gave Jaron Lanier’s avatar a gigantic hand kicked off an exploration of unconventional avatars and how VR makes us more real.

Using AI in eLearning: Foundational Concepts

Using AI in eLearning can mean harnessing the power of machine learning to enhance content; it can also mean using AI tools in eLearning development.

Is xAPI Ready? If So, Where Are Our Flying Cars?

Adopting xAPI is a significant decision; is xAPI ready to take its place as the foundation of a learning ecosystem? Get answers to your questions here.

Tips for Deciding Whether to Implement an xAPI Solution

An xAPI evangelist offers some examples to help developers in deciding whether to implement an xAPI solution—or in concluding that it’s not the best fit.

VR Training Solutions Offer Risk-Free Skills Development

VR training solutions offer a risk-free environment to practice delicate or dangerous tasks. Two use cases show the benefits of immersive training.

3 Guiding Principles for xAPI Evangelists

An xAPI evangelist offers three guiding principles and four questions to ask before deciding on an xAPI solution.

Guild Paper Renews Corporate Digital Learning Conversation

The eLearning Guild’s industry-wide conversation about corporate digital learning and how it will affect L&D professionals continues in a new white paper.

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