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Metafocus: New Technologies Intimidate You? Go to the Birds!

Learning new technologies can be intimidating; here’s a fun way to get started in VR, AI, IoT, and 3-D printing—while feeding and studying local birds!

Meet the New Learning Solutions Website

The new Learning Solutions website features an expanded editorial scope and content categorized by role, making it easy to find exactly what you need.

Toolkit: Keep Your eLearning Files Light and Tight

You know that it’s important to keep your eLearning files small. Here are the essential secrets to achieving that goal.

DevLearn Links Teams Exploring 360-Degree Video in eLearning

A match made at DevLearn: Teams create mass-casualty response simulation to showcase innovative, budget-friendly use of 360-degree video in eLearning.

Why It Matters: How Net Neutrality and eLearning Intersect

Learn how net neutrality and eLearning intersect, and why the debate over repealing net neutrality rules is relevant to L&D practitioners and learners.

6 Concepts That Will Help You Understand Machine Learning

The six concepts introduced here will help eLearning developers understand where machine learning can fit into online learning.

Buzzword Decoder: How Blockchain Affects eLearning

Though most people think of Bitcoin when blockchain technology is mentioned, there’s more to it. Learn how blockchain affects eLearning.

Benefits of xAPI Profiles Extend Across Development Teams

Instructional designers, xAPI analysts, and others can use xAPI profiles to improve consistency in tracking learner activities.

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