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Video Clinic: When Not to Use Video for Training

Is it always the correct choice to use video in training? The question isn’t that simple to answer. Consider these five points.

Smart Everything, Everywhere, and Smarter Learning

Technology and smart devices and their intervention in our daily life are ubiquitous. The learning ecosystem, especially with mobile devices, allows for smarter learning.

Metafocus: How to Make a Mobile 360 Video Studio

Everything you need to make your own mobile 360 video studio

Mitigate Algorithmic Bias in eLearning with Audits, Tools

Audits and evaluations can help L&D professionals mitigate algorithmic bias in eLearning.

How to Fix Social Media and Imagine a Better Future for VR

Jaron Lanier, a virtual reality pioneer, believes that it’s possible to fix social media and create a better future for VR.

Bias in AI Algorithms and Platforms Can Affect eLearning

Bias in AI algorithms, whether embedded in code or learned from the “training” data, affects eLearning based on those technologies.

Metafocus: How to Use Math to See the Future of VR and AR

Learn how the future of VR and AR will change our lives forever

Getting Your Head Around Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence might be the next big thing in learning. What part will you play in its development? Are you ready to begin?

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